Danish ⋅ 🇩🇰 ⋅ Language Courses

டேனிஷ் மொழி கற்கை நெறிகள்


⛄ Danish 🇩🇰 (Dansk) - டேனிஷ்

Danish is primarily spoken in Denmark. Beyond its native stomping ground of Denmark, Danish is also spoken widely in Greenland and on the Faroe Islands, an autonomous archipelago north of Scotland that’s technically part of the Kingdom of Denmark. Danish is a protected minority language in Southern Schleswig, a region of Germany on the border of Denmark.

There are A1, A2 and B1 levels are available.

Suitable for students who wish to move to Denmark.

Duration: 4 months

Mode: Physical classes will be conducted in Vavuniya. Online classes are also available.

Medium: Tamil or English

Course fee: Rs. 60,000
Tutorials: Rs. 5,000

* Students have to pay an Admission fee if they have not paid before.

Language regulated by:

  • Dansk Sprognævn (Danish Language Council)

Language skills for Healthcare Professionals

The Danish Patient Safety Authority authorises health care professionals, supervise Danish health care professionals and organisations; they offer health professional and legal advice to authorities and work with learning activities for the Danish health care sector.

If you aspire to work as a healthcare professional in the Danish healthcare system, it is crucial to have a good command of the Danish language in order to secure a job.

Medical Doctors from Non-EU countries

Nurses from Non-EU countries