Coping Contents for Assignments

Plagiarism is a punitive offence of purloining a piece of work initially created by someone else and presenting it as one’s own original creation. It can be with respect to any form of art. Be it music, lyrics, books, cinema or site content. Copyscape is an online plagiarism detecting device which is used by content owners to look for content theft.Content owners can submit the site name to Copyscape and it will provide the owner with a list of web pages that consist of similar contents. Although Copyscape relieves a site owner from owning a plagiarized site, it limits a user to use the free trial of Copyscape for only once a month. If one wishes to use it further, one has to sign up with a Premium Account, paying 5 cents per search. This gives rise to the need of free alternatives to Copyscape to achieve immunity against plagiarism for free. 

Originality Detection

Determining whether a submitted work is plagiarized or not is much harder than it sounds. Consider the hundreds of thousands of books in print and the hundreds of billions of web pages on the Internet, and then realize that this amount of text continues to grow at an exponential pace. So, how does our PaperChecker technology rise to the challenge of comparing papers against an enormous collection of documents that continues to grow? We recognize that search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing will ALWAYS be best at indexing content, so we leverage their APIs to search against their vast data stores.

When you make a submission to PaperRater, your text is split up into smaller pieces which are then compared against more than 20 billion pages found in the books, journals, research articles, and web pages indexed by the search giants Google, Yahoo, and Bing. A low originality score indicates that all or a portion of the submitted document can be found elsewhere. Documents that may match the input text are displayed so that teachers can verify whether potential matches represent plagiarism or a false positive. A high originality score indicates that none, or almost none, of the submitted document was found on the Internet via search. It should also be noted that quotations are NOT removed before checking for plagiarism. Because of this, many quotes can skew the originality score.